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Chapter Three

As he walked down the ugly rows back to the car park, he knew he would never be back, Alice would have been proud of him.

The Hard Man Weeps

When the war of mud and death ended in 1918, the bright-eyed optimistic 18-year old had become a very hard, cynical man.

Aunt May

Things are not alway as they seem.


As cunning as a rat and just as good looking.


I loved fantasy when I was younger and decided to write a book that I would enjoy reading. Follow Jake as is swept into an adventure beyond his wildest imagination.


Charlie thrust out his hand, the one with hate tattooed on its knuckles. I quickly shook it, eager to not offend.

Len & Lou

Len and Lou are living proof that life can be stranger than fiction.

Tales From the Bush

Tales, yarns and stories from New Zealand's backcountry.